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The geography of language – mountain

Moving right along with the theme, I have chosen mountain to symbolise Chinese – in this instance specifically Mandarin Chinese. The tonal structure of Chinese can quite easily resemble the ups and downs of your average Himalayan (or other) mountain range. … Continue reading

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The geography of language – valley

When I embarked on this series of posts, the first two were fairly straight-forward. Using the desert as an analogy for Arabic was a no-brainer. And I don’t know whether my esteemed readers ever think about Poland, but I have … Continue reading

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Who dropped that penny?

Success feels like it should be clear and unambiguous. One person (or team) wins, another loses. Either you are Steffi Graf or Bobby Jones, winning the Grand Slam and the ticker-tape parade, or you are Raymond Poulidor, the eternal second. … Continue reading

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Moustache in the sky with Diamonds

I had already decided that it was time for an Arabic blog. But yesterday evening’s class produced an incident (positive) that was further blog-fodder. So here we go; two posts for the price of one. Putting me further outside of … Continue reading

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