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A Head Full of Steam

It has been a long time between drinks; or trips to the well; or – OK that’s enough rubbish. Momentum has not been my friend this year. When I began the Babel Project, I wanted this to be something pleasant … Continue reading

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Barbra Streisand (no, really!)

Looking back at the Babel Project so far, there are 31 posts. That’s published posts; there are a couple of clunkers that I can’t get out of the garage. Reflecting on these posts, I have realised that there are a … Continue reading

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The geography of language – mountain

Moving right along with the theme, I have chosen mountain to symbolise Chinese – in this instance specifically Mandarin Chinese. The tonal structure of Chinese can quite easily resemble the ups and downs of your average Himalayan (or other) mountain range. … Continue reading

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How to build a new language

Over the past four years, I have sat in my office (I have a day job) and watched two different skyscrapers being constructed or renovated. Each building has followed a similar process, despite the differences between starting from scratch and … Continue reading

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Are you good at languages?

Speaking a foreign language is seen as the intellectual equivalent of a “six-pack” stomach. If you can truly express yourself outside your mother tongue, there will be a range of responses, from the snide, to indifference, to awe, but most … Continue reading

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