Is there anybody in there?

Hello everyone,

I must apologise for the complete absence of any posts in recent weeks. TBP is still a going concern, it is just going along at a slightly different pace.

Since I last published almost two months ago, I have changed my day job. With this kind of change comes a change in routine. Specifically, I no longer commute in my own car, but now go the public transportation. This has meant that my commute learning process has changed from listening to audio CD’s, to reading books.

I confess that I have tweaked my methodology in the cases of both Hindi and Korean and have purchased self-guided learning books (beginners level) for each language. Each book also has audio CD’s so I am getting a little of that as well, despite spending significantly less time in my car each week.

However, I am still attending my classes in Arabic and Mandarin, working the Polish software (where I am approaching the end of Level 1) and as mentioned above, beavering away at Hindi and Korean.

I have also made tentative first attempts at conversation in Hindi – which will have been known to followers on Twitter. Korean is also coming in slowly. The trick these days is to identify opportunities to converse and to take every single one that presents itself. No hanging back!

With the new job, it is looking increasingly unlikely that I will be able to visit the 5 countries after 12 months of learning. 20 months may be an option, but in the meantime I will continue to learn as much as possible, and will try to build back time into my regular routine for blog posts.

If anyone has any questions about the Project, or requests for future commentary, please let me know in the comments.

Cheers all,

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1 Response to Is there anybody in there?

  1. beijingbogan says:

    haven’t read you in a while due to it being increasingly difficult to access the outside world here lately & I get hot with this bombshell…best of luck!

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