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The geography of language – valley

When I embarked on this series of posts, the first two were fairly straight-forward. Using the desert as an analogy for Arabic was a no-brainer. And I don’t know whether my esteemed readers ever think about Poland, but I have … Continue reading

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The geography of language – forest

Each language has its own shining feature. Spanish and French are romance; German and Arabic are guttural; Italian and Japanese are bouncy while Chinese is up and down. English is ubiquitous. I have already written about Arabic and the desert analogy. … Continue reading

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The geography of language – desert

After more than three months of the Project, I think it is a good time to start looking at the individual languages in some more depth. Obviously it won’t be too much depth. Three months of erratic progress doesn’t qualify … Continue reading

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Deep? Moi?

There is a certain mindset that says that if a little bit of an activity is good, then a whole heap must be fantastic. This is the person who decides that if a glass of wine is good for your … Continue reading

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Quarter time

May Day and the first partial anniversary (milestone?) of my journey. It is now three months since I began my experiment with five foreign languages at once. Where am I? Well, I am still plugging away. I won’t be applying … Continue reading

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