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How to build a new language

Over the past four years, I have sat in my office (I have a day job) and watched two different skyscrapers being constructed or renovated. Each building has followed a similar process, despite the differences between starting from scratch and … Continue reading

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Running away at home

Most of us take the Edmund Hillary approach to our lives: Why? Because it’s there. Whenever we think about our families, our careers, our hobbies or even our politics, we glide over the nuances of our potential options, and simply … Continue reading

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Does teaching matter?

I started this journey a few weeks ago with a number of ideas in mind. The foremost, how well would I learn different languages with different approaches. Of the five languages that I am attempting to learn (not too cocky … Continue reading

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Are you good at languages?

Speaking a foreign language is seen as the intellectual equivalent of a “six-pack” stomach. If you can truly express yourself outside your mother tongue, there will be a range of responses, from the snide, to indifference, to awe, but most … Continue reading

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Moustache in the sky with Diamonds

I had already decided that it was time for an Arabic blog. But yesterday evening’s class produced an incident (positive) that was further blog-fodder. So here we go; two posts for the price of one. Putting me further outside of … Continue reading

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