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Hyper? Moi?

The word “hyper” is not neutral. If you throw it into a conversation, 9 out of 10 people will assume that you are referencing “hyperactive”. Which by itself is almost a medical condition. It is 1/4 of ADHD, and frankly the … Continue reading

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I like because…..

After a massive three weeks of tireless effort, I shall take a moment to reflect upon what I have learned about learning. When a friend heard about the Babel Project and about the languages and the approaches, he immediately said that … Continue reading

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Speak softly and carry a big Schtick

Are you a commercial provider of language instruction? Perhaps you run a school or have a software program. I bet that you have something unique, something revolutionary. You have a schtick! The first English school I worked at had a … Continue reading

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The Hills are alive

One of the under-valued pleasures of the English language is the huge number of people who speak it badly. Take a walk through the centre of most English-speaking cities and you will hear a range of variants from “newsreader English” … Continue reading

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Who shot JR?

I may not be up to full speed yet (any Korean students reading this?) but I am a little surprised at the progress. Perhaps it is connected to the fact that the languages are not related, but each one is … Continue reading

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My hovercraft is full of eels

Mrs Babel Project is taking an interest and so I recently played her the audio CD that has accompanied my Chinese program. Her first response was, “They’re messing with you!” She has a point in that Chinese is so foreign … Continue reading

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Sergeant Schultz rides again

The first week of full activity (I am not counting Korean which is a story for another day) and I have already discovered something. As the esteemed John Banner so memorably said, “I know nussink!” Before starting this project, I … Continue reading

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